Why Sealing Ductwork is Essential for Home Efficiency

Leaky ducts can significantly reduce the efficiency of a home's heating and cooling system, leading to higher energy bills and a less uncomfortable living space. Sealing and insulating ducts is a simple yet effective way to increase efficiency, reduce energy costs, and even pay for itself with energy savings. Not only that, but good air duct sealing also prevents insects from entering the home. HVAC duct systems are forced air processes that use ducts to distribute air conditioning throughout the house. The air pressure and the degree to which this air passes through the ducts must remain as constant as possible to provide adequate air flow to all areas of the house.

Supply ducts distribute air that has been cooled or heated throughout the house, while return ducts carry the air back to the air conditioning unit's furnace for reconditioning and recirculation. Duct sealing is also important for indoor air quality. If any of these situations occur in your home, or you just don't know if you need to seal your air ducts, it's essential to understand why sealing them is so important and why you shouldn't postpone it any longer. In addition to helping to seal air ducts, Filterbuy LOCAL offers premium duct cleaning and professional dryer rack cleaning services, which go hand in hand with a comprehensive indoor air solution.

The Consequences of Poorly Sealed Ducts

While you may not notice day by day if your home's air ducts are poorly sealed, the structural integrity of your home can degrade every day. Before sealing the ducts, it is recommended that professionals perform a home energy audit so that they can identify specific areas of the house that require attention and view the house as a complete system. Any problems in the duct system, such as broken joints, loose or missing sections, detached pipes, or damaged ducts can cause significant air leaks that will result in lost energy and money.

The regressive flow of combustible gases is not the only threat to indoor air quality that occurs when ducts are poorly sealed.

The Benefits of Sealing Ductwork

The best solution for leaking ducts is to seal them together with the installation of a new high-efficiency air conditioning system of the right size. Having the ducts properly sealed can balance the air temperature in your home, as air can reach each room and create a more comfortable living space. Duct sealing is often overlooked when people decide to upgrade their home energy systems, but it's a critical component of the process. Duct sealing is a process in which certified professionals inspect your home and identify and seal leaks in your duct system.

The Bottom Line

If you're looking for a relatively simple solution that will make a big difference to your home's heating and cooling system, sealing the air ducts is what you need. While there are many other measures needed to ensure that you're doing everything you can to achieve the best possible indoor air quality, an air duct seal is a good starting point. Probably the most costly consequence of poorly sealed air ducts is the damage they can cause to the house as a whole.

No matter what you do with it, the savings you get from having an efficient, well-sealed air duct system will make you smile.

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