Do Ductwork Seals Really Make a Difference?

If the air ducts in your home are not properly and hermetically sealed, it can lead to a number of issues. Your air conditioner may leak to areas of your home where you don't need it, causing it to work harder and costing you more money in repairs and bills. To ensure that the ducts are properly sealed, the best option is to do it yourself if you have the time and energy. Duct sealant is a special compound that fills cracks and voids in ducts.

It's much more effective than adhesive tape, which is often used by homeowners. Unfortunately, damaged ducts can cause up to 30 percent air loss throughout the system. Sealing the joints and joints of existing ducts can increase energy efficiency and indoor air quality by reducing the entry of pollutants into ventilation systems.

Duct Sealing Levels

The Code rules establish three different levels of duct sealing, depending on the type and location of the ducts. Metal sheets and different types of joints are used to create the airflow path through the ducts; each type of joint has a specific purpose and affects the overall airflow. There's no perfect solution for sealing ducts, but there are some great options that can help eliminate problems without causing too much trouble.

Duct systems can be quite lengthy and complex, resulting in many places where ducts can leak. As an added benefit, sealing ducts could save you money every month on heating and cooling bills. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning contractors use a door insulation test to assess if there are any major leaks in the ducts of a home. Air leaks in the duct system can cause significant loss of energy and money, especially in larger systems in commercial buildings.Schmidt Mechanical offers reliable commercial and residential HVAC system repair services including mechanical inspections, basic heating repairs and part replacement, air filtration, and ductwork sealing. To find out if your HVAC ducts are leaking, turn on the HVAC system and return to places where the ducts are visible.

Sealed ducts will reduce energy loss by increasing the efficiency of forced air systems.

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