Signs You Need Professional Duct Sealing Services

Are your rooms difficult to heat and cool? Do they never feel comfortable? Are your flexible ducts tangled or crooked? If so, you may need a professional duct sealing service. According to the Department of Energy, up to 30% of the energy consumed by your air conditioning system can be lost due to faulty ducts. The signs of a duct problem may be subtle, but they can have a big impact on your comfort, health, and energy efficiency. Normally, some air escapes from the ducts.

If 20% or more of the air in the system is lost, your energy bill will reflect this. Your air conditioning system will have to work harder to compensate and keep your home at a comfortable temperature. To ensure that your home can stay comfortable in any season and that your air conditioning system works efficiently, make sure that the ducts are always in good condition. If you live in the Houston area and notice one or more signs of air duct damage, don't hesitate to call Hage Energy. Many homeowners can identify that there is a problem with their ducts even before scheduling a professional duct test. If there's a big difference between the amount you pay compared to the same time last year, it's probably due to an air conditioning problem and it could be due to your ducts.

Ducts must be sealed and cleaned to ensure that only clean air passes through the system and reaches your home. The nature of the bad smell will tell you if it's mold spores in air ducts, old sawdust, pests, or other potential problems. Schmidt Mechanical offers reliable commercial and residential HVAC system repair services including mechanical inspections, basic heating repairs and part replacement, air filtration, and ductwork. If you notice any of the signs below, it's time to call Evergreen Heating and Cooling to request professional duct sealing services. The most common type of test is the pressure test, which involves sealing the ducts and then measuring the pressure inside. Leaks, pollution, and duct repair problems can cause symptoms ranging from sneezing to persistent coughing, to a variety of cold and flu symptoms due to the circulation of pollen, dust, and small particles in the air. Progressive tests make it possible to identify where air pressure is lost and locate areas where there may be gaps in the air ducts through which the air conditioner escapes. If you've done all the repairs but the ducts are still leaking, call Schmidt Mechanical to help you seal them so your home is comfortable all year round.

By preventing warm air from escaping through leaks in the ducts, you can keep your home warmer in winter without having to turn up the heating. So if you're looking for a way to be more environmentally friendly and save some money this winter, consider sealing your ducts this fall.

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